Jay T. Hodge, D.M.D.

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We'll Make You(r) Smile!

With heavy heart we regret to announce the passing of Scituate’s first Orthodontist.  He was called Arch, Dad, Tab and Dr. Hodge, he always answered with compassion, wisdom, love and strength of character.  

Twisted Teeth to Healthy Smile with Braces and Retainer      ​(Lillian Hodge)

Arch T. Hodge, D.M.D.

We love to see people smiling.  We especially love seeing a beautiful and healthy new smile after removing braces at the end of treatment! 

Here at Scituate Orthodontics we take great pride in offering customized treatments tailored to your specific Orthodontic needs in a family-friendly atmosphere.  One of the many benefits of healthy straight teeth is that you'll be smiling more.  A corrected smile leads to greater self-esteem which translates to a more fulfilling life experience.

Please call for a complementary visit to discuss other benefits and discover what we can do for your smile.

Jay T. Hodge, D.M.D.

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